Security Services in Hongkong and Macau – By GESS

GESS stands for Gurkhas Ekta Security Service. This company was established in 2006. Gurkhas Ekta Security Service Limited has been providing security services in various luxurious buildings, residential buildings, commercial buildings, and many more places. Not only in security service GESS is also providing service in special event VIP escort, musical concert, business events, seminar and university, and school events.  This company has been providing excellent guard service in two nations, Hong Kong and Macau. As per your requirement, we (GESS) will provide you with a single security office or a squad of officers for the long run as well as for the short run. 

GESS guarantees the service that they have provided to their customers. We generally recruit a very strong and skilled management squad who has provided service in the Military and Police before. We regularly visit and contact our customers to ensure our service quality. Before sending guards to the site, we provide the proper instruction so that they can perform their work more effectively and more efficiently. We ensure that the guidance that we provide to our employees will cover all the requirements of our valuable customers. GESS is licensed under the Security and Guarding Services Ordinance (Cap. 460) and professionally affiliated as a Member of the Hong Kong Security Association. 

Security Services in Hong Kong – By GESS [Gurkhas Ekta (HK) Limited]

GESS has been providing high-quality and professional security services in different places in Hong Kong. Gurkhas Ekta (HK) was established in 2003 and has been providing skilled human resources since then. Citizens of Hong Kong desire to live safe, which is fulfilled by GESS by serving skilled Ex Military and police as security guards. Almost every member of our company has served in the army of the USA and India. To be a member of GESS, a person must have experience of at least 3 years in the Military or Police with a sound and healthy background. GESS offers you skilled and professional security services to protect your property, life, and business in entire Hong Kong. 

Gurkhas Ekta (HK) Limited is well known in Hong Kong for its trustworthy and efficient service. In Hong Kong we are providing our services for various types of companies but, mostly we are surviving for construction projects and engineering projects. In Hong Kong also our service is not limited. We provide service as per the demand and requirement of our customers in Hong Kong as well.

Security Services in Macau – By GESS

GESS is providing security service in Macau as well. Macau is an independent land of the people of republic China. As the economy of Macau is heavily dependent on tourism and casino gambling the demand for security service is also high. GESS provides security services in Macau, the same as in Hong Kong. Moscou is home for various five star hotels and casinos. They usually demand highly skilled and professional guards to safeguard their staff, customers and confidentiality which are mostly fulfilled by GESS. We are able to establish GESS as a reputed company in Macau as well. In Macau we provide highly skilled and  professional Ex Military and Police as a security guard. 

As per the demand of our peoples and companies, we provide highly skilled manpower in Macau. GESS is famous among the citizens and companies of Macau for its excellent service. In Macau, GESS is mostly focused on providing services for various five-star hotels and casinos, but we also serve in different sites as per the demand and requirement of the customers. 

Vision and Mission of Gurkhas Ekta Security Service

The most important and main vision of Gurkhas Ekta Security Service is to meet and increase the satisfaction of the customer’s expectations. GESS aims to provide quality and good security service on an international level to its customers. We also want our employees to feel like the owner of our company and help to achieve our company vision and mission. We aim to develop an extremely effective security scheme that solves the regular and day-to-day problems of various companies. Our vision is also to utilize the skill and time of Ex Military and Police more than now, who are able to work effectively and efficiently. 

GESS aims to provide better security, operations, and management methods to satisfy and keep its customers happy. We target to be one of the leading security service providers. Our mission is to safeguard the citizens of the county from various kinds of threats and help them to enjoy their rights. We also ensure our employee’s safety. We will try our best to build the trust of our customers more towards us and offer more quality and best security service. 

How Does GESS Works?

Gurkhas Ekta Security Service is formed with different levels of staff, who do have their own tasks to be done. As per the capability and skill of the employees the works are assigned. Some of the works of GESS are :

Management and Supervisory Inspection:

The management team and supervisor of our company regularly visit the customer. This helps us to be sure about the quality of service that we are providing and to get feedback from them for the improvement and growth of the company. 

Survey about the Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is most important for the growth of a company. GESS aims to build up a good and continuous communication with the management team and clients. Monthly evaluation of performance report and service level report is done and all the events like complement, complaint are also reviewed. We develop a major performance indicator to evaluate our security performance. Every month the meeting is hosted byclient members to evaluate on-site and management team performance.

Instruction about Assignment:

Instruction about the assignment is given to employees about the work as per the demand and requirement of the customers. Assignment Instruction includes

  • Duties and Instruction.
  • Patrol area.
  • Site information.
  • Safety and health.
  • Information on access control, key handling, alarms and utilities.

Respond of patrol officer to emergencies

Patrol officers of GESS give  hours service, and generally patrol the security sites by the company car. They respond to any emergency within an hour anywhere within their area to support the front line officers. They communicate continuously with the control room to safeguard front line officers.

Periodical Award

GESS gives major priority to its staff. They value their staff as the most valuable assets. Organize award presentations periodically. GESS awards the most hard-working and other employees for their continuous effort. Which helps in motivating their employees.

Clients of Gurkha Ekta Security Services

After the employee clients are regarded to be the major assets of the company. GESS is able to satisfy their clients and fulfill the demands of clients in these many years. GESS is committed to provide service to their client. Some of the clients of GESS are:

  • Kanic Property Management Limited
  • Tat Fung Enterprises Company Limited
  • World Wide Investment Limited
  • China Resources Property Management Ltd
  • Haigsville International Ltd
  • Dickson Concepts (International) Limited
  • Kier-Laing Rourke-Kaden JV (SIL East Contract 901)
  • POCC JV (C1121 MTRC)
  • Dragages Hong Kong Limited Contract No. CV/2012/08
  • CRBC-CEC-KADEN JV Contract CV/2013/08
  • LF Logistics (Hong Kong) Limited
  • International Social Services (ISS) HK
  • The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • CARMEL High School Hong Kong
  • KELLETT International School Hong Kong
  • Federal Asia Co., Limited
  • Hong Kong International School
  • Jewish Community Centre Hong Kong
  • Harbour International School (JLL)
  • Jones Lang LaSalle Limited (JLL)
  • Tuen Tun Juvenile and Children Home
  • Control Room Tuen Mun Juvenile and Children Home
  • Leighton Asia Limited
  • Underwriter Security Limited
  • Ah Ngau Engineering Limited (Black Point CLP Power Station)

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