Security has been a major issue in today’s world. To solve the problem related to security Gurkhas Ekta Security Service Limited (GESS) offers you with a quality security service. We have been providing quality security service since 2006. We are able to establish ourselves as one of the popular brands in the field of security service. Many people of the world trust us because of our quality service and we mostly hire Ex Military and police for the security guard. We offer you highly skilled and trained guards, who protect your life and property. Our main goal is to satisfy our customers with quality service. As per your requirement and need we send a single guard or a squad of guards to your site. We are providing security service in Hong Kong and Macau. Clients of both Hong Kong and Macau are satisfied and happy with our service. 


Our aim is to provide quality security service and satisfy our customers. GESS always makes sure that their staff are able to feel the ownership towards our company, which leads to continuous growth and improvement of our company. GESS aims to protect the life of VIPs and property of business organizations, so that VIPs and business owners can work stress free. 


Gurkha Ekta Security Service has divided its staff into various hierarchies. Staff are placed in the right position at the right time as per their skills. 

Working Method

Management and Supervisor Inspection:

Management and Supervision team of GESS always inspect the service that they are providing. We regularly visit our customers and take feedback from our customers about the service that we have provided. 


Survey about the Customer Satisfaction:

Our major goal is to satisfy our customers. Our GESS team regularly communicates with our customer, which helps us to evaluate our performance. We mostly get compliments from our customers, if we get any complaints we immediately try to fix it. Every month we organise meetings with our customers, so that we can measure our performance. 


Instruction about Assignment:

Our employees take assignments very seriously. We assign tasks to our employees as per their skill and the requirement of the site. Instruction about assignment includes:


  • Sites information.
  • Duties and responsibility to be performed.
  • Patrolling area.
  • Health and safety.
  • Alarms and utilities, key handling, information on access control and many more.

Respond of patrol officer to emergencies:

Patrol area is guarded by the patrolling officers. They ensure the safety of frontline officers and communicate regularly with the control room. They provide 24 hour hours of service on the site and ensure the security of frontline officers.


Periodical award:

A Periodic award is given to employees for their best performance. This program motivates employees to work more effectively and efficiently. 

Core Services

Luxurious building

There are many luxurious buildings in Hong Kong and Macau, where there is demand for highly trained and skilled security guards. We provide them security guards as per their need to protect their property. 


Residential building

We also provide security service in residential houses. With our security, many people are getting a sound sleep and leaving their house without any kind of stress. We have been providing security service in VIPs houses in Hong Kong and Macau.


Commercial building

We assign highly skilled security guards in commercial buildings aslo. Commercial buildings can be office buildings, bank buildings and many more. We provide quality service as per the demand of our customers in this type of building also. 



Warehouse is the place where goods are stored. Warehouses mostly need high security because different types of valuable goods are stored. We provide security service in the warehouse also. 



University is the place where learning and teaching activities take place. Different students from different backgrounds visit this place. So demand for security guards is also high in university areas for the safety of students. We provide security services in various universities of Macau and Hong Kong. 


International School

For the safety of students, many international schools in Macau and Hong Kong demand our security guards. We are able to provide quality security service and safeguard the students of various international schools. 


Retail shop

We have been providing security service in various retail shops of Hong Kong and Macau as well. We post skilled security guards to protect the shop and secure the customers. 


Construction sites

We are providing our security service in various construction companies in Hong Kong. The demand for our security guards in construction companies in Hong Kong is very high. We are able to fulfill their demand and satisfy them. 


Security Services

Luxurious Buildings
Residential Buildings
Commercial Buildings
Ware Houses
International Schools
Retail Shops
Construction Sites


Business Seminars/Conferences
University Functions
School Events
Sports Events

VIP Protection

Special Event VIP Escorts
Musical concert
Meet and Greet