Security has been a major issue in today’s world. To solve the problem related to security Gurkhas Ekta Security Services Limited (GESS) provide clients with a quality security service that can add a value to our customer’s business.  Since its establishment in 2006, we have been providing quality security service to various clients around Hong Kong. The trust and continued support gained from our valued Clients have lead us to thrive in Security industry. We believe that highly experienced and motivated staffs are key to our success. 


Working Method

Management and Supervisor Inspection:


We are customer-oriented service provider. Management and Supervision team of GESS always inspect the service we are providing. We regularly visit our customers and take their feedback in order to elevate our service quality.


Survey on the Customer Satisfaction:


Our main goal is to meet our customer’s satisfaction. GESS team regularly communicates with our customers, which helps us to evaluate our performance and we will try to provide the most responsive customer service with all available resources.


Instruction about Assignment:


Our employees take assignments very seriously. We assign tasks to our employees as per their skill and the requirement of the site. Instruction about assignment includes:


  • Sites information.
  • Duties and responsibility to be performed.
  • Patrolling area.
  • Health and safety.
  • Alarms and utilities, key handling, information on access control and many more.

Respond of patrol officer to emergencies:


Patrol area is guarded by the patrolling officers. They ensure the safety of frontline officers and communicate regularly with the control room. They provide 24 hour hours of service on the site and ensure the security of frontline officers.


Periodical award:


A Periodic award is given to employees for their best performance. This program motivates employees to work more effectively and efficiently. 



Security Services

Luxurious Buildings
Residential Buildings
Commercial Buildings
Ware Houses
International Schools
Retail Shops
Construction Sites


Business Seminars/Conferences
University Functions
School Events
Sports Events

VIP Protection

Special Event VIP Escorts
Musical concert
Meet and Greet